Top 10 Vastu Secrets for Your Home and Apartment

Welcoming  Entrance:

– Ensure that the main entrance is well-lit and free from obstacles. – Use auspicious symbols like Om or Swastik at the entrance.

Cozy Living  Room:

– Place furniture in the south or west direction, and ensure it is arranged to promote face-to-face conversation. – Avoid placing a mirror directly opposite the main door.

Cooking  Harmony Kitchen:

– Place your kitchen in the southeast for good energy flow. – Keep it organized for a positive culinary experience.

Bedroom  Bliss:

– Position your bed in the southwest corner for restful sleep. – Say no to mirrors or TVs directly facing the bed.

Colorful Choices:

– Opt for soothing colors like light greens, blues, and earthy tones. – Steer clear of too many dark hues, especially in the bedroom.

Declutter Delight:

– Keep your home clutter-free for positive energy circulation. – Say goodbye to unnecessary items for a neat and tidy space.

Bathroom Serenity:

– Place the bathroom in the northwest or west direction. – Ensure it's leak-free and well-lit for a serene ambiance.

Plant Power:

– Boost positive energy with indoor plants in the northeast corner. – Choose non-thorny plants to keep the vibes positive.

Windows & Ventilation:

– Ensure good ventilation and natural light in all rooms. – Keep windows and doors in good working condition.

Bed Placement:

Avoid placing the bed directly under a beam. – Position the head towards the south for better sleep and relaxation.